AB-Facebook continuing transparency on Russian activity

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Continuing Transparency on Russian Activity

No author given (22 November 2017)

Paper’s reference in the IEEE style?

“Continuing Transparency on Russian Activity | Facebook Newsroom.” .

How did you find the paper?

Reviewing facebooks newsroom blog. https://newsroom.fb.com/news/

If applicable, write a list of the search terms you used.

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Was the paper peer reviewed? Explain how you found out.

This document is an update blog post from facebook

Does the author(s) work in a university or a government-funded research institute? If so, which university or research institute? If not, where do they work?


What does this tell you about their expertise? Are they an expert in the topic area?


What was the paper about?

Facebook announced that by the end of 2017 that it will be creating a portal to enable users to learn which of the Internet Research Agency Facebook pages or Instagram accounts they may have liked and followed between Jan 2015 and Aug 2017

If applicable, is this paper similar to other papers you have read for this assignment? If so, which papers and why?


If applicable, is this paper different to other papers you have read for this assignment? If so, which papers and why?


What do these similarities and differences suggest? What are your observations? Do you have any new ideas? Do you have any conclusions?

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This question is to be answered after your critical analysis is completed: Which sections (if any) of your critical analysis was this paper cited in?