AB-What the F*** Was Facebook Thinking?

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What the F*** Was Facebook Thinking?

James Allworth (21 March 2018)

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J. Allworth, “What the F*** Was Facebook Thinking?,” James Allworth, 21-Mar-2018. .

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The author is a technology and strategy writer and podcaster, and writes for the Harvard business review

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In this article, the author provides an overview of the recent facebook/Cambridge Analytica data “leak”

There’s a very good reason that Facebook is the fastest growing advertising business in the world. It’s because it has the largest, most detailed and most granular user data on the planet. It’s also incredibly personal, and will reveal a lot about your life to anyone who has access to it. And yet all the way up until April 2015, Facebook was giving all that data away to its developers that were using the Graph API.


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