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Deploying Next.js on Heroku

Photo by Ankush Minda on Unsplash Ref: Make sure you add this “start” script to your package.json. Without this “start” script, when Heroku spins up your site, it won’t correctly connect you next app to the port…

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Custom hook for data fetching

This post is based on information on customer hooks and data fetching provided by others such as Robin Wieruch ( and Kent Dodds ( This is a customer hook to fetch energy market data from…

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Next.js and SVG images

To use SVG images inline in Next.js apps install babel-plugin-inline-react-svg add the following .babelrc file to the root of your app restart your app import SVG as react component Reference:  

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AI bias – Benedict Evans

Twitter thread from Benedict Evans.¬†¬† When a machine learning system mistakenly diagnoses an imminent failure in a hydroelectric generator because the manufacturers of the telemetric sensors constituted an unrecognised skew in the training data ……

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